Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Holidays Are Over.

So...it's the new year. I know, I know. It has been the new year for 22 days. Somehow it just doesn't quite seem like it, though. I truly thought that at this point, Jose and I would have some idea of what would be happening with his job...if we would be moving...if we might be getting out of an apartment and into a house. But, still we wait. So, even though our Christmas celebrations were spread over about a month, it feels strange that they're over, but the waiting is not.

All that to be said, we had an amazing Christmas. And, even though most everyone is fully embracing 2013, I still want to share a few of my favorite Christmas moments before packing up the year and moving on.

We celebrated an early Christmas in our little apartment before heading to Indiana. Year two of tamales and menudo was a success...look at that happy husband.

Diego fed off of Griff's excitement. Both boys were up early on our Christmas morning ready to go.

We left Colorado right as the snow hit, but don't worry...we brought it to Indiana with us. So much so that our flight to Houston after Christmas was cancelled. My parents saved the day, of course, by flying Court, Lily, Finn and Crosby to Indy. And, Ryan pulled the hero move of surprising us all for the tiny window of time that he had off. It was a super-fun trip, complete with lots of snow play for Griff (Thanks Duke, Sam and Whit!), night sledding, and always generous gift giving.

These two photos pretty much say it all. My boys love Jayden and Julia. Now if only we lived close enough for them to babysit...

When we finally made it back to Denver, we packed up and headed to Pueblo. Joe and Georgia graciously extended Christmas for us. Griff was so happy to see one more Christmas tree. While we couldn't be a part of the actual family party, we were so happy to exchange gifts and spend time together. The first Christmas I spent in Pueblo, Georgia and I pretty much bought each other the same gift. We have continued the tradition of being on the same gift wave length--this year each buying Jose a new coat. He's going to be really warm. We also celebrated Christian's tenth birthday with his buddies and family. It was great fun to see him in the middle of all of his friends, having a great time.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Griff's First Christmas Program

Excellent participation...so glad he kept most of his clothes on.