Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Furious Snow...

I rarely get truly angry. Today I was mad. M.A.D. As I turned channel 7 on this morning, I was hoping for the news that we would be having a snow day. As the list of schools scrolled across the screen, I was certain that my district would be next...Douglas County--cancelled...Jefferson County--cancelled...Littleton Public Schools--30 minute delay. What?! I did yell at the television.

Of course, we all enjoy a day off from time to time. But, the reason that I was truly upset was that it was dangerous for us to drive to school. And, an hour after school began, they decided to send all of our middle schoolers and high schoolers home for the day because the roads were continuing to get worse and worse. Why didn't they send the elementary school students home? It all comes down to day care. While I understand the conundrum that an early release presents to working parents, the partial early release truly turned our classrooms into day care. All of the students in my classroom with siblings in middle school or high school were picked up early from school. So, as half of my class rode safely home with their parents, the rest of my class had to be occupied...clearly I couldn't move on to new material. I would need to reteach it all the next day. So, we basically hung out, silently read and did fun (non-academic) activities. I kept a smile on my face, but my blood did boil. Isn't the safety of all of the school's staff and students more important than a half-day inconvenience?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Baby Moon

Knowing I was dying to get away, my sweet husband planned us a night at the Alps in beautiful Boulder Canyon. With all of the baby clothes to wash, carpets to deep clean, and rooms to organize, we needed a night to just relax. So, we sent Ike to the kennel, packed an overnight bag, and headed up to Boulder. It was delightful to tuck in to a cozy room with a new book and escape. I can't help but think of little Lucy Pevensie escaping into the wardrobe within the house where they were staying, traveling into an entirely new world just steps away. I felt a bit like Lucy as we took the short drive to Boulder, feeling that we were truly on vacation. A shift in state of mind is sometimes all it takes to travel more than a step away.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Skippy and Muffy

One of my mom's favorite activities of all time is "cute-ifying" a new space. I knew that when my parents came to Denver to help us set up our nursery, we would end up with an absolutely adorable room. It was exactly what I had hoped for...a fun weekend of quality time with my parents and husband with a lot of jobs completed. So, thanks, Skippy and Muffy, for the time, the back-ache inducing work, and above-all the company. Our little one will have many nights filled with sweet dreams in a room that was a labor of love.

Baby Shower

The shower was lovely. The realization that we really are having a baby soon was even lovelier! Thanks, Sly!