Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3 and 1.5

There's something about 18 months that is blissful, but also tricky. The words that are thought, but can't be spoken yet. The excitement that is palpable and looks like running, climbing, and wiggling feet. Some days are so joyful and others are, well, just long. But, oh, it's amazing to watch Diego learn and understand so many new things--so many things from Griffin--like wrestling and book love and playground playing.

And, Griffin. He is so three. Explorer. Cuddler. Feisty Superhero. The emotions and passions are so strong. He can talk about rockets for hours. He can also break into tears at the drop of a hat. But, if we're outside, life is much better.

This intensity is what I see from Griff most of the time. He's so focused and thoughtful.

Diego is sure he can do whatever Griff can.

On the run...always on the run.