Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Younger sisters are notorious copycats. I should know. I am both an older and younger sister...being in between two of the best sisters a girl could have--Courtney and Whitney. That's right, we're all -eys. Growing up, I shamelessly tried to be like Courtney and prove that I could hang with her. Most recently, we both got sewing machines...I'm already stealing her ideas. Whitney did some copying of both of us and got in big trouble for being a clothing thief. Oddly enough, she ended up with the best fashion sense. Can we take credit for that? (probably not)

Recently, my two besties came for a quick visit to meet Griff and hang out together. Between the laughter, cooking and Griffin snuggling, we were reminded of how much we truly love to be together and miss each other. During my daily life, I do my best to pretend that it's really okay to see them every few months. When we're all together there is no denying it. It was a fantastic, super-fast weekend. In honor of my sisters, I am introducing two new additions to my blog.

Courtney's Great Ideas: A few ideas that Court has imparted to me over the last few days. Seeing as she generally blazes the trail, she has lots of good tips.

Whitney's Fashion Inspiration: Whit makes her fashion look effortless, but she knows Glamour inside and out. we go

Courtney's Great Ideas for Today

1. Start making dinner during the afternoon nap. Simple idea, but definitely decreases the stress of the baby's evening fussy time. (The chili is on the stove right 3:17 pm)

2. To practice sewing, start with a cloth napkin. A great idea for packing lunches. And, really...can you sew something simpler? See my attempt below.

Whitney's Fashion Inspiration

Skirts...She wears them pretty much all of the time. It's not difficult to wear a skirt, but it automatically looks more pulled together than pants. Whit wore skirts all weekend long and paired with her cute boots, she definitely looked like a hottie.

Inspiration...I am going to try to wear the cute, winter skirts that I already own. And, I love my brown boots. I should put them on my feet!

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  1. love it! you are the best. and i miss you like MAD! thanks for a wonderful weekend!!!!!!