Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Try It Tuesday!

Avocado Cupcakes
(Well, not really)

In trying to keep up with Griff's need to eat solid food, I have been blending and freezing veggies. We have a few baby-sized, freezable containers, which happen to be filled with squash. So, when he chowed down on some avocado, I decided to store the rest. Problem: All the containers are filled with squash.

In come the silicone cupcake liners. I do not like baking in them. The batter sticks to them. The cupcakes cook unevenly. I almost gave them away. But, guess what!? They are perfect for freezing baby portion. Avocado cupcakes!

Other possibilities:
Fruit juice ice cubes for a big pitcher of lemonade
Lunch box sized portions of soup
Mini ice cream cakes (just top with frosting)

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