Thursday, March 3, 2011


Gone. That's all I can say about how Griff felt about pesto pasta. He chowed it. It was his first time eating pesto and I was a little unsure about how he'd feel about it. Courtney had inspired me to try giving to him when she blogged about how much her kids adore it and devour it. So, I followed her advice and made an alternative basil or pine nuts. Mine was arugula, parm, walnuts, salt, pepper and olive oil. Mmm. Tiny, green pieces of pasta were, chair, floor, table.

So, my blogger and aperture weren't getting along last week...these are my photos from the last week and a half.

Griff still wearing Christmas pajamas, playing in his table house. We keep it folded up in the laundry's a smidge wrinkly.

He's been pulling the cushions and pillows off our living room furniture. At first, I thought he was going to make himself room to sit on the actual furniture. He just wanted a reading cushion.

The seeds are planted safely in their trays. I'm so excited for our consistently warm weather. The garden beds just look so ready to be worked. Thanks to my friend, Laura, for introducing me to leeks. I love them now and am trying to grow them for the first time.

Today Griff and I played outside in the front yard. He was walking and crawling all over the place. Then, I discovered that our yard is covered in goose poop. This resulted in prompt removal of Griffin's clothes and washing of hands. Isn't he adorable mostly naked?


  1. Haha, I laughed about the goose poop. Am I the Laura who introduced you to leeks? I love leeks! And I love the pic of Griffin reading on the cushion.

  2. delicious!...both the pesto and your sweet boy!!

  3. Boys got some serious guns. Bruce would be proud of those rear delts