Friday, April 1, 2011


One of the best things about being a stay-at-home mom is the flexibility. Especially when you need to travel cross-country to meet a sweet, little, brand-new nephew. I am so thankful that I was able to fly to Virginia to spend time with Lily and Finn, hang out with Court and Ry, and meet Crosby. As a bonus, I got to see my parents for a day and a half, as well. 

Another truly precious Smith baby. Love him!


  1. Yay, I've been waiting for this post! Lily's hair is so awesome. Love those long curls. And I love how much you and Courtney look alike. So glad you were able to visit the Smiths. Thinking of you all and little Crosby!

  2. missing you SO much! why don't you live down the street again???? thank you a million and one times over for coming to help. you are the best!!!