Friday, June 3, 2011


Griff has been trying out a lot of words, but tends to be stubborn about when he says them. We'll walk up to someone (like the cashier at the grocery), that someone will say, "hello" and I will tell Griff to say, "hi." He'll give them an incredibly blank stare. As we walk away..."HI!"

Two nights ago, the weather finally permitted Griff and I to join Jose at a soccer game. One of the girls from Jose's work walked up to us to say hello. We went through the typical routine. Griff looked at her and said, "hi." It was the sweetest little hello. Jose almost cried. Seriously. I get to enjoy most of Griffin's developments, since I'm at home with him most of the day. Jose often gets to experience the grumpy end-of-day Griff. Or...the busy, running around town all weekend Griff. It's especially delightful to him when our son reveals some new trick or aspect of his personality around him. It reminds me to appreciate all that I get to be a part of between the hours of 7 and 5.

Griff's favorite word right now has to be "Dada." Any time I touch my phone, he thinks I must be calling Dada. When our washing machine starts up, he thinks Dada is opening the garage door. When I open his bedroom door in the morning, he asks where Dada is. He just loves his Dada.

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