Friday, November 11, 2011

Two Months

What a day to be two months old...11.11.11. I know, I know, everyone loves it. But, I think my mom probably loves it best--my mom who always lets us know if the time is 11:11 to make a wish or say a prayer.
Anyway, Diego is two months old today! Hooray! He is growing and changing so much. I love the occasional smiles he gives, the sweet openness of his face, and how he sleeps (oh, how he sleeps!). He is a sweet boy. And, he has already shown that he is up for being Griff's little brother. The adorable moment below turned into Griffin practically rolling over Diego. The little guy took it like a champ.

And, I've been trying to give Gigs some special time when Diego is asleep. We finger-painted this week for the first time. As soon as I squirted the paint onto the paper, Griff dipped his pointer finger into it. And...that finger went straight into his mouth. Once we recovered from that, the finger painting was a joyful activity. Everything Griff painted was a dinosaur. Or so he told me.


  1. I forgot to wish Diego a happy 2-month birthday! Love the finger painting pictures. Those sure are some cute kids.

  2. i miss them!!! they both look so big!!!!!