Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Five Months.

This is a little embarrassing. I have hardly taken any pictures with my camera in the last month or so...because my memory card is full. Sometimes the idea of deleting photos is a little overwhelming. I worry I'll accidentally delete my favorite and that my computer will crash and that Snapfish and Blogger will go under. Ridiculous, right? Well, I finally made some space today.

So, Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a little love from our family to yours. Give extra love to everyone today...

Diego is five months old. It has gone much more quickly than Griff's first five months, but it feels like more has happened. Griff is going full steam ahead with potty training. He loves to wear his "choo choo's" around the house. He's doing much better than I thought he would. Diego is rolling around and smiling like crazy. He also seems to be getting into a groove with naps...long naps. Hooray! Seeing the two of them together makes my heart sing. Oh, how I love my boys.