Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hilton Head

I love when things just work out just right. This week was one of those times. I've been holding in a secret for months. For Jose's birthday present, I wanted to plan a surprise trip. I considered many options--Moab, Santa Fe, Wyoming, Seattle, but the temptation to meet up with my parents and siblings in Hilton Head was just too strong. My parents (very generously) rented a gorgeous house steps from the beach that was just perfect for all of us to meet up and relax and play.

I managed to get Jose all the way to the house before he really knew where we were going or what we were doing. It was the perfect vacation balance--Jose and I got to go on a date, he played some tennis on the clay courts, we all went to the beach and swam in the pool, and I got to go on walks and runs with my siblings and mom and do some good cooking with my dad. And, it was just the best to see Griff and Diego with Lily, Finn and Crosby. The hugs (that didn't end up with someone slammed accidentally into the ground) were so sweet. Seeing as the spring is crazy birthday time in our family, we celebrated for Ryan, my mom, Duke and Jose...hence the birthday crown and Duke's crazy outfit. And, of course, my parents took full advantage of the trip's proximity to Easter to give some sweet baskets of gifts--note the real grass growing in them!

Thanks, Muffy and Skippy, for a wonderful vacation. It was just what we all needed. Miss you already.

It was a beautiful week with people we love...


  1. I love your family.
    Welcome home.

  2. ahhhhh! what a great week! and what great pictures! will you send them to me? missing you like CRAZY already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We loved every single moment! Love and miss you all like crazy!