Thursday, May 31, 2012


I kind of forgot that I had a blog for a bit. But, I'm back! And, I come bearing photos from a super fun weekend at Whit's place in Atlanta.

I have always felt so at home at Courtney's house--I really will be sad when they move out and on to Texas--and I thought that was simply because it was such a friendly, tidy, happy place. While I'm sure that is part of it, I think that the real reason that I have felt so content there is that I always feel at home with my siblings. It is definitely true of Whit's little corner of Atlanta. I think I could have just called in Jose and Griff and stayed at Whitney's little house for a while...I'm sure we wouldn't have gotten in the way!

It was such a delightful weekend and it was wonderful to get to meet important people in Whitney's life, who were only names or Facebook photos before, and to spend some time with Duke and Ry and Court and their kids and my mom (missed you Dad and Sam!). As you can tell, we pretty much worked out and played outside--it was perfect. Thanks for hosting us, Whit and Katie!!

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