Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh, the Lord's Been Good to Me...

Contentment can be a slippery, little sucker. Wouldn't you say? I think, ah, things are so good; I feel so blessed, and then I feel discontent pushing at the back of my mind. Trying to be continually grateful certainly helps. But, there are some areas where I know I just have to learn to live with it, take it as life's bittersweet. 

No situation brings this to the forefront more quickly for me than being with my parents and siblings. It is so fun to be with them. I just miss them so much. All the time. We find ourselves asking--Why do we all live so far apart? Why can't we see each other more? But, here's the thing--I feel so blessed by my life in Colorado right now: Jose loves his job, we both adore our new house and neighborhood, we have two healthy, vibrant boys and we're awaiting the arrival of baby number three in January. Life is so good! 

And, seeing my wonderful family in Indiana was so incredibly good. It does make me miss them more, but I wouldn't trade anything for the joyful time spent with them. If only Whit and Ryan had been there to complete the team...
Cousin time at the park (I would let Jayden and Julia team-babysit my kids, seriously)

One of the most patient uncles ever!

Oh, meeting Della for the first time!! She is the sweetest.

So much outside playtime in the lovely, unseasonably cool weather.

Lily--isn't she a beauty.


It was a delight to meet Torrence--sweet babies everywhere!

After Skippy picked sweet, crunchy Stuckey Farm apples for us, we had to do it too!

Such special time with my parents. They are unendingly generous and loving to our family.

Nothing like a Stuckey apple!

And, Jose crossed into Ohio. We visited Miami and watched some great tennis.
Juan Martin del Potro (Sorry you lost!)
Serena--killing it.

Life is truly sweet. I am blessed to have so many people that I love. And, as much as I might like to see all of these people every day, these special occasions are one of the best things to look forward to. I wouldn't change a thing.