Sunday, September 22, 2013

Third Child.

I've heard people say that "Mommy Brain" is not a real thing. As if it is, perhaps, an excuse for careless moms. Welp. It's real, people. And, it seems to get a little more severe with each pregnancy. How did my mom keep all four of us fed and dressed when she was pregnant with Sam?

We had our 20 week ultrasound (at 21 weeks, no less), this week. We were super excited, but had to bring the boys with us. When they flew through their snacks, we set them up with one of our old phones--playing games and watching Wild Kratts. Griff was so excited that he was yelling at the top of his lungs. Diego just wanted more, more, more popcorn. It wasn't quite the sweet, almost sacred experience that it had been previously. We were thrilled to hear that the baby looks healthy, of course.

But, here's the thing, I lost the ultrasound pictures. In the craziness of trying the leave the doctor's office and not wanting to wrinkle and ruin the pictures, I tucked them into one of Griff's books. It was actually a library book. So, when we made our weekly trip to the library, we returned the ultrasound pictures with the books. I realized it as I lay in bed that night. Thinking, oh no, I am already not giving this baby enough attention!

I guess that is my fear--that it will be harder to capture and appreciate the precious moments with the busy-ness of having three kids. That I will forget to journal about the characteristics that strike me about baby number three. That I will forget to slow down. I know we all just do the best we can, and really I don't know what my kids will cherish later on in life. They (and I) may not really care much about ultrasound pictures. Thanks to a helpful librarian, though, that's one thing I don't need to worry about.


  1. Looks like a Guzman to me. You are so great at so many things. Motherhood looks very easy as an outsider. You've got this and you've got us! Just call and we'll come right over.

  2. haha i cant believe you returned your ultrasound to the library. sounds more like something you know who would do. and when i say you know who, i do mean myself....

    PS you can do it :) i know it.