Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New. New. New.

2013 was the year of NEW for us. We feel immensely blessed that Jose was hired for a direct position that seems like it will last for years. We learned we would be welcoming a new babe into our family. And, we purchased a new home (new in this sense meaning a foreclosure requiring a lot of work). While there were times when we struggled to trust that the Lord would use all of the unknown for good, the lessons we have learned during this year well outweigh the worry and waiting. So, farewell 2013--we are thankful for what you gave us and oh so ready for 2014!

At the beginning of 2013, the name of the game was spend time outside the apartment

Diego does not love the cold.

Visiting what would be our new home...

Mischief managed...sort of.

Jose showing off his alma mater.

My favorite picture of the year.

Love these kiddos.

Diego's second birthday.

Thanksgiving in Indiana...moving, talking, eating.

My little super-heros. 
Finishing off the year with our best Christmas tree yet!

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