Friday, September 11, 2009


During my recent child birthing class, I discovered that most of the women had a lot of complaints about pregnancy. Now, while my feet hurt so badly at the end of the day that I could cry, I've enjoyed pregnancy on the whole. While we made a list of the pros and cons of being pregnant, I wanted to tell those ladies to remember the miracle of this time and how special we are to be growing a baby. I felt like I was pulling teeth to get those women to add something positive to our list...we couldn't allow the men to have more pros than us!

But, worst of all was the dread I felt as I approached my blood glucose test. Oh, the horrible, orange, sugary beverage. All week I've worried and fretted over my Friday morning appointment. What if I can't get it down? What if I pass out? What if???? wasn't so bad. I would not choose to consume the orange drink again. I really like to eat breakfast. But, I survived just fine.

Sometimes we all just need to stop listening to the people around us and dive head first into whatever we have to do. As women, we're especially good at working each other up into a state of near panic. But, in the end, the events that our friends convince us to dread may be as easy as chugging a little bottle of unpleasant orange kool-aid.

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  1. i couldn't agree more. yes, there are things about pregnancy that aren't the greatest, but in the end, it is the most spectacular, beautiful and miraculous time. even childbirth... nothing is better!!