Monday, April 5, 2010


No, not that Duke...I'm rooting for Butler.

Happy Birthday, Duke! Today is Duke's birthday...hooray!

It was a dark and stormy night. Seriously, that is how Duke's story begins. One of the scariest nights of my childhood was the night that Duke was born. It was a power out, hide in the basement sort of Indiana storm and my parents were at the hospital. While I didn't totally understand what was going on, I knew that it was bad. In the weeks and months to follow, as Duke fought for his life and survived, I understood enough to know that he was a miracle.

I was so excited when my mom told us that she was going to have another baby. I was especially excited because this new baby was supposed to be born during my birthday month. In my six year-old mind, this meant that baby number four and I would have an extra special bond. You see, I was a little jealous of Court and Whit sharing September. Don't worry, I'm pretty much over it.

Duke is humble, generous, and loving. He brings joy to our family (often by singing at the top of his lungs). He is an excellent uncle. And, today is his day.

Although, you can probably have one in July, as well...if you want to share. Love you, Dukie!!