Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clickin' Moms

Clickin' Moms is a pretty cool place. It's an online forum for moms who like/love/make money from photography. I've been a member since January. Up until this month, however, I hadn't posted a single photo. I was completely intimidated. I started taking their Rock Your Camera 101 class...

Let's just say my fears were confirmed. I have a lot to learn. Really, a lot. During our first lesson, we were told all of our shots needed to be posted SOOC. What? Well, that's a cute little acronym...I'm pretty good at my teacher jargon...GT, ALP, ADHD, NEA,
AYP...but, this one stumped me. It means straight out of camera. No Photoshop. Not a problem. I barely know how to edit my photos anyway.

While I am enjoying all that I'm learning in this little workshop. It's scary. I have to post a slew of photos every week to be critiqued. Anyone in the class can give you feedback and they do. There is always some positive, but the negative always stands out like that maddening drop of chocolate ice cream on a lovely white shirt.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots so far. SOOC, of course.

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