Sunday, June 13, 2010

Delightful Discoveries

I've found a few new things recently...

1. This is a shocker to me, but I found something that I L-O-V-E at Wal-mart. Yes, Wal-mart. For our wedding, we registered for sheets at Crate and Barrel. They are white with green leafy vines all over them. They make me feel like summer. Summer is starting to look a little ragged. I am sad to report that after about 100 washes, our sheets have holes in them. While I was wasting time during my Element's oil change the other day, I checked out the bedding at Wal-mart. I discovered these wonderfully soft Canopy sheets. They were only about $35 for the set. We've been sleeping on them for a week and they really are more comfortable than our much more expensive Crate and Barrel sheets!

2. Yogurt...frozen yogurt. It is my favorite dessert. My new favorite place to get it is Yogurt Guru in Cherry Creek. Several years ago, my friend, Sara, and I drove all over Denver to get frozen yogurt out of a sketchy gas station. Now there are several places to chow down on yogurt. But, here's the thing about the Yogurt Guru--it is self-serve. You get a cup. You fill it with as much frozen yogurt as you want. You top it how you want. You place it on the scale. The cashier tells you how much to pay. You eat. SOOOOOOOO good. Court and Whit--my treat, come on!

3. Griff has a tooth. Well, the little point of a tooth breaking through the gums. He has been a trooper! And, has decided that he enjoys teething on his toes.

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