Thursday, September 30, 2010


Austin, Texas was our most recent voyage as a family. It was a joy to spend time with my dear friend, Anne, and explore the city. Anne toured us all over Austin. I'm sure she put more miles on her CRV this week than is typical. We certainly appreciated it, though!

We stayed in a sweet, little cottage that was part of Hyde Park Bed and Breakfast. The house was perfect for us...complete with a deck in the backyard and two bedrooms. And, the breakfast was delicious.

Anne and I haven't gotten to spend time together since Rosemary Beach, so it was wonderful to chat and experience Austin through her eyes. Do notice her vibrant hair!

While Griff is quite an experienced traveler, the occasional meltdown is to be expected.

We walked through Laguna Gloria. Jose thought he'd found the perfect spot for a wedding, so we reenacted ours. Jose and Anne were coerced into posing for some senior photos.

Most importantly, Jose found the candy that he's been longing for since Becca and Adam's wedding. Phew!

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