Friday, October 8, 2010

A Few on Friday

1. It's funny how a single day can dramatically change your perspective. Everyone knows being a mom has it's ups and downs. It takes just 24 hours of having a stomach bug and being at home with your son to make everything else seem much easier. While Jose did entirely take over caring for Griff and me once he got home, it was a very long day of trying to contain our crawling and climbing boy. Today I have an abundance of energy, focus and joy for being with Griff. Ah, much better.

2. It's a pumpkin-y day over here. Cool. Cloudy. With leaves turning everywhere. In this month's edition of Cooking Light, there is an article about the many uses of pumpkin. We had two pumpkins from our recent trip to Miller Farms (more on that later). And, Jose loves pumpkin pie. I, however, would prefer just the filling and the a la mode, so CL's pie idea was just right for me. I used a simple pumpkin pie recipe and baked it up in individual ramekins. It's so easy to make pie when you don't need to worry about crust!

3. Books. Griffin plays with his books more than any of his other toys. He holds them, chews on them,  and looks at the pictures. It truly warms my heart and gives me so much hope. I was excited to head out to Barnes and Noble today to get him a few more board books. I am a little sick of reading Moo, Baa, La La La and board books stand up to the chewing. The tricky thing was that they actually don't let you take the books home without paying for them. After spending a good 30 minutes choosing our new books and making our way to checkout, I realized that my wallet was at home. Looks like one more reading of That's Not My Puppy.

Here's what I wanted to buy:
Leaves (This one has such a lovely, artistic feel)
Little Blue Truck (We're really into animal sounds right now)
Curious George and the Firefighters (Just because...)

4. Court and Ryan can always be counted on for fun magazine subscriptions. I just started receiving ReadyMade. inspires me. I was thinking that these paint chip orbs would make an adorable mobile. Okay, Griff already has a mobile, but who says he can't have more than one.

5. Just for Muffy...


  1. griff wants to be part of book on a branch! :) i can't wait to see him!!!