Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Try It Tuesday!

Griff needs some shoes. Although I love being barefoot and love seeing his cute feet, his feet are a little cold when we're out and about. I decided to try to make some booties that he could wear in the house with the goal being that I could ultimately purchase some sturdier fabric to make outdoor shoes.

I did some Google-ing and found this pattern for baby booties.
Problem 1: Griff's feet are bigger than the pattern.
Problem 2: He would slip and slide on wood floors and smooth surfaces.

I had to use the pattern more as an idea than an actual pattern. Thus, my first pair of booties was way too small. Bummer.

Jose solved problem 2 with a sort of rubber sticker that had outlined these little rubber feet. You know, the kind you'd put under a little cabinet or shelf.

I added a few little colorful stitches, but didn't want to invest too much time before knowing if the shoes fit. And, Griff was sound asleep by the time I actually finished the shoes.

Here is Griff, sporting his new shoes.

Bonus Try It Tuesday: Loaded Baked Potato Soup
This soup is fast, easy and delicious. Next time, I will use lactose-free milk. But, mmmmm...perfect for fall!


  1. LOVE the virginia onsie!! go hoos!
    can't wait to see you, little man!!

  2. cutttieee! love the shoes.

    ps your floors look amazing!