Monday, December 6, 2010

The Big Weekend

What joy we felt this weekend as we celebrated Griffin's birthday and baptism. It is truly amazing that an entire year has passed since our sweet boy was born. He fills us with such joy. He laughs and crawls, babbles and plays, eats and talks (kind of). We marvel at how God has created him as a little person, who is developing so quickly. We want to appreciate these moments and make lovely memories for Griffin as he grows.
Good morning, birthday boy!

Visiting the Discovery Zone at DMNS and showing Muffy all his tricks.

Family photo in front of the tree.

He loved all of his presents from our super generous families!

Clapping for the birthday song.

It may look like he's in pain, but he LOVED his cake!

Touring Blossoms of Light with Muffy.

We felt so blessed to have my mom and Jose's parents present at Griff's baptism. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were honored that Joe and Georgia stood by us as his godparents.


  1. he's so cute and big! i love himmm. come overr

  2. happy birthday big boy! we can't wait to see you!!!