Friday, October 21, 2011

Toes in the Sand

Peace crashed over me like a wave as I sat on the beach with the boys this morning. Griff digging in the sand with his dino claw; Diego strapped to my chest. In that moment, all was as it should be and I was just where I should have been. The sky was so-clear-it-almost-hurts blue and the breeze made us glad to have our sweatshirts. All the worry, exhaustion, and expectation I had been feeling just dropped away. I was present with my boys--chasing Griff up and down the miniature dunes, Diego breathing deeply against me, all of us running away from the chilly surf. I didn't lug my camera along, so no pictures. I didn't have expectations of what we would do or how long we would be there. It felt so good to just be. Of course, I would have loved Jose to have been there at the beach with us, but it is a work day. This morning was a gift, spent with my two little guys. Oh, how I love them.

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