Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What a Month!

Happy one month to Diego!

It has been quite a month for our little family. I can truly say that I would not have maintained my sanity without my dear family and friends. When Griffin was born, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Jose was able to take a week off work...and a week after he went back to work, Lockheed closed for Christmas and New Year's. He had two weeks off. Amazing.

Before Diego was born, Jose's boss kept trying to send him out of town on my due date. Not so amazing. We are so blessed that Jose is able to take time off and he did for a week after Diego was born. Then...Jose was sent out of town for an undefined period of time.

In came my family. They called to check on the boys and me every day. And, the women swooped in to help.  Court and Whit spent a lovely weekend with me--snuggling my boys and taking care of us. It is always the best to see my sisters, but this time it was like I had been holding my breath and could finally breathe again. They cleaned and cooked. We laughed and played. It went way too quickly, but I truly cannot express my gratitude for their presence. (Be sure to watch the mowing videos on Whit's blog)
(My cute mom--what a sweet grandma)

(Griff picked out this outfit--not quite as cute as Lily's)

I only had to survive a few more days on my own before my mom arrived. I had to laugh when she said that if we lived closer together, she could visit more often because I have seen her more in the last few months than I have since I moved to Denver. It has been amazing. I have never appreciated the flexibility of her job more. There was never a doubt in my mind that my mom and sisters would do whatever they could to help me when I needed it. This newborn time is so emotional anyway, to be safe and taken care of by my family is all I could ask for.
(#1: Griff is a giant. #2: How adorable is Logan?!)

Above and beyond all of this--so many friends brought us truly delicious meals. It just happened to work out that most of the meals were soup, which is actually my favorite. How did they know?! It made me feel so loved to eat their tasty food and chat with them when they stopped by. Hooray for everyone!

Finally, the four of us are back together. Diego is sleeping like a champ. He is sweet as can be and so mellow. Griff loves his baby and calls him "Day." He says it with a nod of his head, funny boy. Jose is loving being back with all of us--giving both his boys lots of love. I've never appreciated having a husband more. As Jose would say--life is good.

P.S. We're back at the beach. Feeling a little spoiled.

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