Friday, October 12, 2012


All signs have been pointing to my need to learn to rest recently. Not napping or sleeping more, but a soul-deep, mind and body rest. Somewhere between trying to sell our house and moving, I lost track of listening to my need for quiet. I was ever checking off my list, rushing around to tidy or pack or unpack. Then, suddenly, I realized that I was out of gas. The blogs I read, the Bible study I joined, the podcasts I listen to, and the sermons at two different churches pounded me over the head with a need to rest. I guess I hadn't been listening well...

After some serious reflection, I have come to understand what kind of rest envelopes my life with peace and joy. I have started to realize that God wasn't messing around when He rested on the seventh day and He certainly wasn't being lazy. But, that lying on the couch or napping is not my favorite kind of rest is okay.

I found myself remembering what I have always known to be my balancing point. Outdoors. As the trees surround me or the lake opens in front of me, I feel free. I find deep breaths and calm. Whether my boys and Jose are beside me, tossing rocks into the lake, or I'm by myself, I still can find that rest. Moving, feeling the breeze as I walk, my muscles relax. My heart opens to remember the gifts we've been given and my eyes open to truly see. We are blessed in this apartment season to be close to a majestic lake and hidden, quiet trails. While I have been rediscovering many habits that are restful to me, this time outside is one I know I need to cling to. I'll just have to make sure the boys have warm enough coats!

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