Monday, February 8, 2010

Tiny Restaurants

It seems that recently all of the restaurants that Jose and I visit are tiny. Really. Tiny. You couldn't fit my whole family in them...tiny. But, oh my goodness, the food has been delicious. We have been eating our way through the 5280 best restaurants in Denver for 2009. Here is a few words about each restaurant we've tried so far...

Vert: minuscule eatery in west Wash Park, delicious sandwiches, roast turkey--mmm, maybe five tables
Hutch and Spoon: tucked away in 5 points, homemade passionfruit soda, chicken salad
The Squeaky Bean: potter highlands, tons of character, a few more tables, oh the soup

Maybe the small number of tables in these restaurants allows for extra time and love for each dish. So far, 5280 definitely has it right. These places are superb (They're so good I'm running out of adjectives).

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