Sunday, February 14, 2010

Whitney's Fashion Inspiration 2

When Whitney was younger, she and her friends decided that certain important events deserved new jeans. It's your birthday...jeans. Happy 4th of July...jeans. You got dumped...jeans. Everyone knows that the first time you wear a great, new pair of jeans, you feel hot and those are all days on which you want to look really good. Now I definitely gave her a hard time for all of those expensive jeans purchases (Do you have any idea how many CDs you could buy for that?). And, while I am not endorsing excessive purchasing of designer jeans, I think there is a time and a place for a little retail indulgence.

A special occasion is a great reason to buy a fabulous new outfit...especially if it's on sale.

Inspiration: Whit emailed me a beautiful dress that was on sale. She told me it would be perfect for my figure. I looked at it, loved it, and wished for it. Turns out...wishing is not the same as buying. Of course, as I realized Valentine's Day was approaching, and Jose and I were going out on a real date (Thanks, Mo!), I yearned for that dress. Did I buy it? No. At the last minute, I decided to make the leap, but the lovely dress was sadly no longer available. I ended up wearing the same black dress that I have worn for too many dressy events. I felt pretty. It was fine. BUT...I realized that Whit was right...some occasions just deserve something new. So, the next time that opportunity knocks and I have a good reason to buy the perfect ________, I am going for it!


  1. NEXT time. I will keep emailing them to you for suuure

  2. oh i ADORE you. i actually just splurged on this skirt (in the teal) from there and i'm completely in love with it -

    i only let myself splurge from boden about once a year...but i never regret it. love you ashy! i owe you a phone call this week. btw - this is anne. i have no idea why my google name shows up as what my niece/nephew call me.