Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm about to quit...seriously.

15...Diving. I joined my first swim team at Azionaqua when I was 6. I remember asking my mom if I should tell them that I was 7, since I would be in July. We swam competitively through every summer and many winters. When we hung out at the pool, though, the diving well was my favorite to be. After a freshman swimming season spent envying what the divers were doing at the other end of the pool, I quit swimming. I was so excited to be a diver. Of course, it kind of stunk to hear on the announcements every week, "Amy Reckel won diving."

14...hmm. The best thing about 14 was being in the incredibly awkward freshman English class with Dana Bacon. She talked about inappropriate dreams, hit on Mike Anderson, and talked about being college roommates with my mom. So awesomely weird.

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  1. When I searched for a Zionsville Community High School images, it came up with a photo of Nick...hilarious!