Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Countdowns are tricky.

I don't know why I thought doing a daily countdown was a good idea. I am a procrastinator. I keep thinking that I'll get to the blogging later. Then, I don't. It's the classic story of pretty much every school assignment I ever had. So, I guess we'll play catch up again...

19...The best thing about 19 was living with Court in an apartment with a crazy person. Seriously. Crazy. Who knew I'd mention kuteflute on my blog?! Example of the crazy: She began to remove vital items from our kitchen that she had contributed...can opener, spatula, etc. When asked about it, she had no idea. We later accidentally found all of the missing items under her desk.

18...The best thing about 18 was finally being able to buy my own tobacco products. Just kidding! It was the anticipation of starting college. Even if the reality didn't match up with the excitement.

17...The best thing about 17 was being awarded the prestigious "Best Actress" award for my stirring interpretation of the mom in "Father of the Bride." That award has clearly taken me far.

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  1. i cracked up as i read this post... first of all, b/c who were you kidding with a 30 day countdown...that is intense, girl! but, you have pulled it off well! and secondly, b/c of kuteflute. so much about that girl was blog worthy!! :) remember the night of the spoons? or the hidden vacuum? or having to keep the windows shut 24/7? oh what a year! :) despite her misery, it was SO good to live together!!! :)