Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Bit Behind

Let's get caught up, shall we?
25 Days: The best thing about 25 was, of course, meeting Jose. Who knew that a few marginally awkward emails, several laugh-inducing phone calls and a lengthy dinner at Piscos would lead to such a happy life? I had several people tell me that they met their husbands at 25 and that 25 is just a good age. It was!

24 Days: The best thing about 24 was going to Kenya...not the camera getting stolen, sitting in the police station part, but the walking with giraffes, meeting beautiful people, and singing with the children part. And, it was a dream come true.

23 Days: The best thing about 23 was the act of moving to Denver. Even though my mom and I almost ran out of gas in Kansas and Ike peed all over the floor in that bed and breakfast downtown (I can still see that guilty look on his face!), I felt like I was stepping straight into an adventure.

22 Days: The best thing about 22 was Court and Ryan's wedding. Come one, remember how good it was. The dress. That huge tent in the backyard. The rain. And, how it stopped. Dancing late into the night. So good.


And, a little Griff for good measure.

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