Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Home is where the family is. I am always excited to return to Indiana to spend time with my parents and siblings. When we're together, it feels like home. We lie on the kitchen floor laughing at each other, make desperate late-night trips for frozen yogurt, and, if there's a wedding involved, we dance like mad. If you want to see some great photos and comments about Colin and Stefanie's wedding, go here and here. It was fun.
Being with my siblings makes me even more excited about the family that Jose and I are growing. (In the sense that we will eventually have more children--and Griff is growing--nothing else.) I am hopeful and joyful about the love that will exist between our children and us. I feel doubly blessed that I have a Biber family and a Guzman family--at home in Indiana and Colorado. Although, we're really just one big happy family...I was reminded this weekend as we celebrated with the Smith part of our family that the beauty of family is that the love just keeps on going and growing.

Find the love wherever you are!

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