Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I had the greatest plans for the month of July. I was going to take time to write every day. I was going to do some relaxing. I was going to enjoy our newly installed wood floors. I was going to spend a week at home with my family in Indiana. I was going to celebrate my birthday with a super-fun countdown.

Things didn't quite go as planned. Our house was in disarray for the entire month as we waited for the wood to acclimatize. I couldn't relax with half of our living room in our kitchen. I spent too much time waiting around for our flooring installers. I worried about Gram. I had to change my travel plans to come home a week early for Gram's funeral.

Things always go the way that they should. Of course, I wanted to be home to remember Gram and it was so comforting to spend extra time with my parents and siblings. Our floors are finally installed and are absolutely beautiful. And, I did have a memorable and enjoyable birthday. I did not, however, finish my countdown. So...

9: Reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and starring as Lucy in our class' radio show
8: Picking up the phone in the computer lab to found out that Sam was born
7: I relearned to say "s"
6: Duke was born and kept being alive
5: Whit!
4: Not having to nap in preschool because my mom taught there
3: Moving to 100 Willow
2: Sleeping in a big, antique bed
1: Living across the street from the governor


  1. hooray for the finished countdown. it was more your style anyway, ashie! we miss you already!

  2. way to recover :) always a strong finisher.