Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Photos

I now realize that I did a terrible job of taking photographs when I was home. I do not have a single picture from Becca's incredibly beautiful wedding, I am missing most of my family members in my photos and I even completely left out Jose. So, here are some pictures of the kids.

During this trip, Griffin had his first experience swinging in real, outdoor swings. I think it is safe to say that he enjoyed it.

This is Lily's amazing fort. Duke and Sam built it for her with just about every cushion in my parents' house. Lily explained that the fort had a kitchen with a cabinet and a playground and a bedroom, among other things. She had a container of gum that she played with in her kitchen. Abiding by the rules, she did not eat any of it...but, she made sure to touch every piece.

This little creek by the middle school is a magical place for kids to play. I can just imagine spending hours pretending to be on the greatest of adventures, while stomping through the shallow water. Griff was primarily interested in attempting to eat the rocks.

Gigs had a little difficulty getting adjusted to Indiana time. He required some serious snuggling with Skippy to get to a restful place.

I forgot to mention another trick that Griff is working on...waving. Seriously, he had never done it. Then, we're in Indiana. He pulled out all the stops!

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