Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Try It Tuesday!

This is not a recipe.

If there is anything that I could recommend trying, it would be Pilates. At a real Pilates studio. With a trained instructor. Pilates is the best, most transformative workout that I have ever done. It helped me to feel super strong through pregnancy and labor. It truly is an empowering experience. So, find yourself a Pilates studio. Most have a free session for beginners or new clients. Or, some offer an inexpensive trial week.


One of my favorite places in Denver (okay, really Westminster) is Pilates Central. Holly and Kat are both amazing instructors who have taught me so much. They are encouraging, and are able to correct positions and technique without being condescending. After every session, I feel rejuvenated, challenged, and focused. Oh, it is the best. Find yourself a Pilates studio!!

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