Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Try It Tuesday!

Tamale Pie
This is one of Jose's favorite meals. It is very easy and very tasty.

Protein (I used tofu this time, but often use ground turkey)
Seasoning (Taco Seasoning or Enchilada Sauce)

Do It:
Like most of my recipes, this one starts with some olive oil and onions in a pan. Make sure it's an oven-safe skillet. I start on medium heat. Add a little salt and pepper.

Add the protein to the onions and cook.
Once your meat or tofu is cooked, add your seasoning.

Then, cover your mixture in your tomatoes, salsa and beans.

Slice your polenta into thin circles.
Lay the polenta on top of all of the other good stuff.
Shred your cheese on top of that.
Slice your peppers and place them on top of the cheese. Make it pretty!
Broil until your cheese and peppers are starting to brown.

Slice and enjoy!
You slices may not stay together like real pie. That's okay!

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